Technologies now exist and are being used to modify normal weather patterns. This technology was initially developed to control weather and thus eliminate droughts and severe weather events, but Russia and America, during the Cold War of the 1950s, diverted the evolution of such technology to more clandestine use. What began as a weather controlling technology that would perhaps work to alleviate hunger in the world quickly escalated and enhanced America’s cold war with Russia.

          In June, 1900, Nikola Tesla stated: “The time is very near when we shall have the precipitation of the moisture of the atmosphere under complete control.”

         Tesla knew at this time that the earth was surrounded by an electric field and its atmosphere contained an electric potential. He had discovered this natural global circuit in the 1890s, and had begun experimenting with huge magnifying transmitters to act as global generators that could artificially create the same electromagnetic circuit functions as the naturally-occurring thunderstorms of earth. Ironically, the first use of this idea came from the early days of the Cold War when Russia began experiments of weather modification.

       The generation of electromagnetic radiation and its transmission to any point on the globe, instead of being used to improve food production and provide free energy to humanity, quickly evolved into military weapons. Russian motives to destroy western democracy by using such technologies required a more military use of such knowledge. The High Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), starting in the early 1950s, marks the beginning of advanced, electromagnetic warfare. What began as a positive approach to Tesla’s peace-oriented research quickly grew into the electronic age of warfare. Possibly by accident, the Russians began broadcasting huge, pulsed magnetic fields from 40 million watt transmitters to bring more rain to certain areas of Siberia. Surprisingly (maybe) this activity disrupted radio and television signals in America. Ham radio operators named the pulse-cadence signals, the Woodpecker. This more clandestine use of Tesla’s peaceful intentions led us into a period of cloaked and surreptitious warfare, enhanced and improved by the latest developments of scientific discoveries. Out of these sophisticated weapons, and the desire to control the weather (a crucial part of war), came what would be labeled Chemtrails – a definite man-made signature spreading across our skies in the wake of tanker-planes and civilian aircraft.

      Our atmosphere and thunderstorm activity can be modified to absorb electromagnetic radiation by spraying unnatural polymers behind airplanes. Chemtrails are real and deliberate. AND to help camouflage such activities, certain airline companies in America have cooperated with government and military groups to spray chemicals into the air- back to, at least, 1998.

      Storm activity can be enhanced or subdued (moderated) by injecting an Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) into such storms. Technologies and capabilities existed over 40 years ago (1950s) stemming from Tesla’s experiments (patents, inventions) of the early 20th century. Natural weather patterns generally stem from heat exchange involving water, air, or, as with volcano’s, from solid matter. Heat is needed to modify weather so how could old HAARP technologies produce sufficient heat other than microwave, to diminish or enhance the characteristics of storms? One way is to spray polymers behind high-flying aircraft to create a mirror of “polyester resin.” These “mirrors” can be held aloft by electromagnetic pressure (radiation) from a transmitter like HAARP? You tune the “radiation output to Earth’s magnetic field and this beamed and concentrated energy can be transferred to molecules artificially induced into a region.”1.  To enhance this heat generation, magnetic iron oxide powder can be added to the polymers sprayed by airplanes. Radio-frequency-absorbing- polymers absorb this “tuned” energy, and warm the atmosphere. These polymers are sensitive to HAARP frequencies as the iron oxide can be heated by microwave absorptions. The military establishment was quick to understand the implications of such technologies.


Energy waves. Stanton KY 9/15/2011  Four distinct waves are visible   

Storm front. Slade, KY 8/2/2011  Notice the cine wave? Storm front. Slade. Photoshop contrast


Please note image on far right nothing has been changed. Only contrast was manipulated. It was darkened. *Note cine wave in center image.



      The information presented here is outdated. Over half-a-century of such technologies has now been advanced to satellites and space probes, and far more advanced methods of either helping or annihilating mankind. 2. Scalar Interferometry and Quantum Potential weapons 3. now play a leading role related to these technologies. We have advanced to a state of weaponry that simply cannot be deployed for fear of eliminating ALL of humanity. We have passed a milestone of highly-advanced, compassionate cultures of the world and a new era is upon us with the influence and dominate control of social directions by corporations, a government administered by representatives favoring their control, and a powerful group of individuals dedicated to the survival of their new world order. Our present era could be labeled either an ending or a beginning. One scenario: A period of chaos, either naturally-created by nature, or propagated by greedy and selfish men, is well upon us. The unpredictability and instability of our sun, and man-made conditions, will accompany such chaos, agitated by religious beliefs and perhaps finalized by savages. I sincerely hope I’m totally wrong on this one, but, knowing the greediness of man, and seeing the signs in the skies and in the heavens, the Maya were right, the creators of the Long Count portion of the Mayan Calendar in 3114BCE, were aware of the inadequacies of our species. We witnessed the ending of a special period of our evolution and are now entering a new beginning. Keep looking up.


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      As an artist specializing in landscape painting, I’ve observed and replicated just about all conditions of skies. Perhaps my favorite skies are stormy clouds swirling in the violent mass of a thunderstorm. This is very personal with me, and you must realize how an artist feels the turbulence of storm clouds, but also the calming and peacefulness in the quietness of lazy summer clouds fading into magnificent sunsets. Almost seventy years of observation allows me to paint any cloudscape desirable without going outside. So I make this statement in all honesty and sincerity: Until 2010, I had never observed a sky full of storm clouds accompanied by what can only be described as a man-made electronic-like cine wave, http://www.asteroidscomets. com/summer storm.htm  and NO, I had never observed multi-energy wave patterns in clouds such as those in the above images, but, whatever the explanations, the cine-wave characteristics are real, and they are a part of current clandestine activities related to both peaceful endeavors and more outrageous weapons of war.  Alan


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