Electric dragons in the sky

Show your trail so that I

May find you in your distant den

And learn the truth of where you’ve been.

Now your mantel glowing bright,

Hide from view your awesome sight

From terrified men that little do

To find truth that some pursue.

Electric dragons in the sky.

Plasma kings that flash and die.

Twist your tail with moon and sun.

Show them things that you have done.

Mock the winners of science themes.

Cast in dust defiant schemes

That lead astray the truth again

So that mankind falters, and his sin

Is courting those who cast out fear,

Who say the dragon’s not coming near.

Those who twist with pretty words,

The truth with thoughts so absurd            

That men no longer look with cautious eye

For electric dragons in the sky.

Thus it is our fate is sealed

If we do not look for truth revealed

In stories of our distant past

That tell of dragons that come at last

To people who from fear denied

The cosmic power that does reside

In all of space where plasma thrives – Electric dragons in the sky.



 ---------Copyright: Alan K. Cornette 2009